Wellcome. Here is a little info about myself and the people that I have worked with over the years.

My name is Craig Edgar Bryant, and was born and raised in East Peru, Maine. The 2nd son and 3rd child of Derriel and Lillian (Turner) Bryant. I graduated June 8th 1956 from the West Peru Grammer School. Whereas, Peru, not having a High School, I choose to go to Stephens High School in Rumford.

Front row, left to right. Robert Knox, Myrna Monteith, Patricia Brown, Eileen Donahue, Martha Oldham, Jeanne Wicken, Pearle Porter, Florence Howard, Gloria Prist, Virginia Robichaud, Craig Bryant. Rear row, left to right. Wyvern Lufkin, John Wicken, David Young, Rick Gerrish, Ernest West, Philip Howard, Jerry Dennis, Wayne Thurston, Richard Knox, Samuel London, Fredrick Miller, Richard Beck, Derriel Bryant.

When I turned 17 in August of 1967, I joined the Marines. After surviving my summer vacation at Paris Island, SC, I was assigned to Camp Lejuene, NC, for further fun and games. Later served as a prison guard and military police officer.

I am a former member of the Rumford, Mexico and Phillips Police Departments. As a youth, I always wanted to be a Marine and a Police Officer, so after serving 6 years (1957-1963) with the USMC, I came home and put in an application to the Maine State Police. I was only 23 at the time, but was told that I was too old for the State Police. (This was before the age discrimination law). Checked with the local police departments in the area, but none were hiring at the time. The only job that I could find, was as a fireman on the Rumford Fire Department, which I joined on May 24, 1964. I was also hired by the town as a spare police officer for the Rumford Police Department, with the understanding that when a opening came, I could transfer over, which I did in July of 1966.

January 27, 1967. Ptl. Craig "Bo" Bryant and Girard Lambert, both of Rumford, completed 4 weeks of basic police training, and received their certificates from the Basic Police School held by the Portland Police Department. They were among the 22 town and city police officers who have had no formal police training.
Front row, left to right, Darrell Malone, Houlton; Rene L. Lavoie, Auburn; Craig E. Bryant, Rumford; Clarence D. MacIntosh, Auburn; Russel R. Fitch, Bath; George D. Pride, Portland; William A. Fournier, Auburn; Charles A. Frazer, Lewiston; Roger R. Letarte, Gorham; Edward E. O'Connor, Portland; and Toby Tiner, Auburn.
Rear row, Maurice E. Bolduc, Lewiston; Joseph T. Theriault, Rockland; Joseph F. Fournier, Brunswick; Girard B. Lambert, Rumford; Peter W. Darling, South Portland; Stanley S. Poreda, Bridgton; Robert M. Schwartz, South Portland; Timothy G. Farr, Westbrook; Peter E. Kennedy, Westbrook; Joseph L. Dehetre, Lewiston; and Burton G. MacIsaac, Cape Elizabeth.


Sgt. Stanley Wagnis (left), and Plt. Dewey Robinson (right), were not present when this picture was taken.

Of the above 14 members that I served with, myself and Bill McCaffrey resigned. Sgt. Ray Lizotte died while still a member, and the remaining members all retired from the department. Ptl. Lambert, DeSalle, Phelps, and Robinson were promoted to Sergeant, in that order; Sgt Wagnis was promoted to Lt. and than to Chief, and Robinson was promoted from Sergeant to Chief.

From 1965 thru 1968 there were many changes within the department. 3 officers resigned, 3 members retired, 5 members got promoted, and 7 new patrolman were hired.

Plt. John Howard resigned in 1965, and Spare William "Bill" McCaffrey was hired to replace him. In 1966, the department went on a 42 hour work week, and the town had to add an additional Sergeant and Patrolman position. Ptl. Stanley Wagnis was promoted to the new Sergeant position, and Spare Duane Phelps was hired as the new Patrolman. In July 1966, Plt. Timothy Ronan and Thomas Rock resigned, and Girard Lambert and myself were hired to replace them. Thus, the Department went from a 12 man to a 14 man department.

Chief Albert Theriault announced the appointment, November 14, 1965, of Spare Officer William McCaffrey, (left) to replace Ptl. John Howard, who resigned, and the appointment, Aug 3, 1965, of Craig Bryant, (right) as a Spare Officer. MaCaffrey has been a spare since 1962, and Bryant is a full time fireman.

In 1967, Chief Albert Theriault, Sgt. Willard Watson and Ptl. Leo Martin retired, resulting in the promotions of Sgt. Albin Gestaut as the new Chief, Plt. Stan Kaubris and Bob Gill to Sergeant, and the hiring of 3 more patrolman, Dwight Mills, Antonio DeSalle, and Dewey Robinson.

Sergeant Willard "Bunny" Watson was giving a testimonial dinner recently in honor of his retirement, on March 4, 1967, after 35 years of service with the Rumford Police Department. He joined the department June 1, 1932, and was promoted to sergeant on August 8, 1954. It should be noted that Bunny did not want to retire, but due the new retirement regulations, all members over the age of 60 had to retire. Ptl. Stan Kaubris was promoted to Sergeant to replace Watson, and Dwight Mills of Locks Mill was hired to replace Kaubris. At the testimonial, Sgt. Watson was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant by Paul Fuller, Chairman of the Public Service Commission. In the group above are left to right, Sgt. Ray Lizotte; Lt. Willard "Bunny" Watson; Chief Albert Theriault, and Paul Fuller.

Patrolman Leo Martin was giving a testimonial dinner recently in honor of his retirement, May 13, 1967, after 25 years of service with the Rumford Police Department. Leo was hired as a spare officer in 1942, and appointed a full time Patrolman on May 14, 1944. Rumford Fireman, Antonio "Tony" DeSalle of Smithcrossing, was hired March 4, 1967 to replace him. At the testimonial, Ptl. Martin was promoted to the rank of Sergeant by Public Service Commissionor Nike Sciaraffa, and issued a sergeant badge. In the group above are left to right, Nick Sciaraffa; Atty. Severin Beliveau; Sgt. and Mrs. Martin; and Chief Albert Theriault.

Chief Albert Theriault was giving a testimonial dinner recently in honor of his retirement, on December 21, 1967, after 30 years of service with the Rumford Police Department. Chief Theriault was hired as a spare officer in February of 1938, appointed as a full time Patrolman on November 1, 1942, promoted to Lieutenant May 1, 1948, and to Chief on April 8, 1953, replacing Chief Carroll Demerritt. Sgt. Albin Gestaut has been appointed to replace him. In the group above are left to right, Atty. Fred E. Hanscom, Master of Ceremonies; Paul Fuller, Chairman of the Rumford Public Service Commission; Mrs. Theriault; former Chief Theriault; and the new Chief, Albin Gestaut.

Chief Albert Theriault, who will retire in December 1967, has announced the appointment of two Patrolman to the rank of Sergeant. Ptl. Stanley Kaubris (left), who has been a member of the department since Aug. 19, 1953, has replaced Sgt. Willard Watson, who retired in March. Ptl. Robert Gill (right), who also has been a member since 1953, will replace Sgt. Albin Gestaut in December, who has been appointed as the new Chief.

During 1970, Plt. Robert Ross retired after 25 years of service, and Richard "Rick" Rinaldo was hired to replace him. In 1971, Lt. Henry Giroux retired and Sgt. Stan Wagnis was promoted to Lieutenant. Plt. Girard Lambert was promoted to Sergeant, and Spare Alan Gerace was hired as a full time patrolman.

Chief Albin Gestaut (right) congratulates Ptl. Bob Ross (left) upon his retirement from the Rumford Police Department, after 24 years of service. He was appointed as a patrolman on 1946 and retired in 1970.

Richard "Rick" Rinaldo of Smithcrossing has been appointed to the Rumford Police Department as a patrolman, replacing Plt. Robert Ross, who has retired after 24 years of service. Ross has served under 3 Chiefs, Carroll Demerrett, Albert Theriault, and the present Chief Albin Gestaut. Sgt. Ray Lizotte is shown briefing the new patrolman on the operation of the teletype system.

During this period of time, a few members of the local police departments starting taking Criminal Justice courses giving by the University of Maine at Augusta. These classes were usually twice a week, at night, and upon complication of the class, we were given credits toward a degree in Criminal Justice. By 1972, I found from the way things were going, that in order for me to receive a BS Degree, it would take me almost another 5 to 6 years. So I asked the Public Service Commission for a 4 year leave of absent from the department, so that I might attend the University of Maine on a full time basis. They refused, saying more or less, that they would have to replace me, and what were they going do with that replacement upon my return. Chief John Bernard of Mexico, who had already gotten his AS Degree, and was working on his BS, said that he would hire me, and work me when I was not in school. So in August of 1972, I resigned and went to work for Mexico, and Michael Richard was hired to replace me. The following year, the Town of Phillips hired me as their Police Chief, allowing me to work around my school schedule. In June of 1976, I graduated with Chief Bernard and Sgt. Bert Averill from the University of Maine at Portland/Gorham, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice. In November, Ptl. Al Gerace resigned, and I was rehired as a Patrolman with the Rumford Police Department by the Pubic Service Commission. From the way things work out, they should have given me my leave of absent.

New Phillips Police Chief.
CRAIG BRYANT, 33, of Rumford, has been hired by the Town of Phillips to be their new Police Chief. Bryant a former Rumford policeman for the past eight years is presently working towards a degree in Criminal Justice at the University of Maine. The Town Manager is allowing him to schedule his working hours around his school schedule. He, his wife, Patricia, and three children, Michael, age 3, Judy, age 6, and Diane, age 9 will be moving to Phillips as soon as they can find a home to rent.
Recent graduates of the University of Maine, from the Police Departments of Rumford, Mexico, and Phillips, have received their degrees. They all majored in the Criminal Justice Program, pursuing their studies on their own time. Completing the four-year program, and receiving Bachelor of Science Degrees, are from left to right, Chief John Bernard Jr., Sgt, Bert Averill, of the Mexico PD; Chief Craig "Bo" Bryant of the Phillips PD, and former member of both the Rumford and Mexico PD. Completing the two-year program, and receiving Associate of Science Degrees, are Lt. Richard "Rick" Rinaldo and Sgt. Antonio "Tony" DeSalle of the Rumford PD.
During the 4 years I was away from the department, (1972-1976), Sgt. Ray Lizotte died in 1974, Ptl. Tony DeSalle was promoted to Sergeant, and Michael Boutte was hired as the new patrolman. Chief Albin Gestaut retired in 1975, Lt. Stan Wagnis was promoted as the new Chief, Plt. Richard Rinaldo was promoted to Lieutenant, and Frank Gironda became the new patrolman. In 1976, Al Gerace resigned, and I was hired to replace him.


Chief Stan Wagnis has announced the appointment of Ptl. Antonio DeSalle to the rank of Sergeant, replacing Sgt. Ray Lizotte, who died 1974. Sgt. DeSalle was a member of the Rumford Fire Department for 4 years, and has been a member of the Police Department since March 1967.

Lt. Stanley Wagnis (left), will succeed Chief Albin Gestaut, (right), on May 18, 1975, following Chief Gestaut retirement on May 17, 1975, after 27 years of service with the Rumford Police Department.

Chief Gestaut joined the Rumford Police Department on April 19, 1948 as a patrolman. He was promoted to sergeant on August 17, 1954, and appointed Chief December 22, 1967, replacing Chief Albert Theriault.

Lt. Wagnis joined the department on July 27, 1955, as a patrolman, promoted to Sgt. March 20, 1966, and was appointed Lt. Investigator on May 4, 1971. He was appointed on April 28, 1975 to succeed Gestaut as chief.

When I first joined the department, we were assigned perminent partners, and Duane Phelps was mine for over 5 years, before the patrol system was changed, to where we got a new partner every other 4 weeks to work with.

Here he is playing with the department's new hand held radar equipment that was also used in the patrol cars.

In 1978, I resigned from the department once again, and James Theriault was hired to replace me. Sgt. Stan Kaubris retired, Ptl. Duane Phelps was promoted to Sergeant, Archie Howard was hired as his repalcement, and I went into the trucking business.

  • Chief Albert Theriault
  • Lt. Henry Giroux
  • Sgt. Willard Watson
  • Sgt. Albin Gestaut
  • Sgt. Reynold Lizotte
  • Ptl. Leo Martin
  • Plt. Robert Ross
  • Plt. Robert Gill
  • Plt. Stanley Kaubris
  • Plt. Stanley Wagnis
  • Plt. John Howard
  • Plt. Timothy Ronan
  • Plt. Thomas Rock
  • Spare Thomas Gallant
  • Spare William McCaffrey
  • Spare Duane Phelps
  • Spare Craig Bryant
  • Chief Albin Gestaut
  • Lt. Henry Giroux
  • Sgt. Reynold Lizotte
  • Sgt. Stanley Wagnis
  • Sgt. Stanley Kaubris
  • Sgt. Robert Gill
  • Plt. Robert Ross
  • Plt. William McCaffrey
  • Plt. Duane Phelps
  • Plt. Girard Lambert
  • Plt. Antonio DeSalle
  • Plt. Dwight Mills
  • Plt. Dewey Robinson
  • Plt. Michael Richards
  • Spare William Smith
  • Spare Robert Perry
  • Chief Stanley Wagnis
  • Lt. Richard Rinaldo
  • Sgt. Stanley Kaubris
  • Sgt. Robert Gill
  • Sgt. Girard Lambert
  • Sgt. Antonio DeSalle
  • Plt. William McCaffrey
  • Plt. Duane Phelps
  • Plt. Dwight Mills
  • Plt. Dewey Robinson
  • Plt. Michael Richards
  • Plt. Michael Buotte
  • Plt. Frank Gironda
  • Ptl. James Theriault
  • Spare Robert Gallant

  • Chief Veneziano
  • Lt. James Theriault
  • Sgt. Girard Lambert
  • Sgt. Antonio DeSalle
  • Sgt. Duane Phelps
  • Sgt. Michael Richards
  • Plt. William McCaffrey
  • Plt. Dwight Mills
  • Plt. Dewey Robinson
  • Plt. Michael Buotte
  • Plt. Timothy Bourassa
  • Plt. Jacqueline Cote
  • Ptl. Wayne Gallant
  • Ptl. ?
  • Spare
  • Chief Dewey Robinson
  • Lt. Timothy Bourassa
  • Sgt. Girard Lambert
  • Sgt. Antonio DeSalle
  • Sgt. Duane Phelps
  • Sgt. Michael Richards
  • Plt. Dwight Mills
  • Plt. Michael Buotte
  • Ptl. Jacqueline Cote
  • Plt. Archie Howard
  • Plt. ?
  • Plt. ?
  • Ptl. ?
  • Ptl. ?
  • Spare
  • Chief Timothy Bourassa
  • Lt. Wayne Gallant
  • Sgt. Michael Boutte
  • Sgt. Hart Daley
  • Sgt. Stacy Carter
  • Sgt. George Cayer
  • Plt. Michael Richards
  • Plt. Jacqueline Cote
  • Plt. David Bean
  • Plt. Donald McKeen
  • Plt. Douglas Maifeld
  • Plt. Tracey Higley
  • Plt. Daniel Garbarini
  • Ptl. Roy Hodson
  • Ptl. Brian Remeika
  • Spare

The Rumford area has received three new Maine State Police Troopers. This is their first assignment since all all three have just graduated from the State Police Academy at Augusta.
Left to right are Wane Gray of Brewer, who will be stationed in the Hanover area of Oxford County; Hubert Carter Jr., of Augusta, who will have the Mexico area; and Jerald Loles Jr., of Caribou, who will be in the Dixfield area.

Cpl. James J. Nolan
James Nolan of Bridgton, was recently promoted to the rank of Corporal in the Maine State Police.
Cpl. Nolan joined the State Police in 1970, and after graduating from the academy, he began patrolling the Rumford area with Troop B. In 1974, he was transfered to the Bridgton area.
Cpl. Hubert Carter
Hubert Carter of Dixfield was recently promoted to the rank of Corporal in the Maine State Police.
Carter graduated from the academy in 1969, and began patrolling the Mexico area with Troop B, and was assigned to the Dixfield area in 1971.
In 1976, he was assigned the District Attorney's Office, and 1977, assigned to the State Criminal Investigation Division.
Cpl. Harold G. Savage
Harold "Skid" Savage of Rumford was recently promoted to the rank of Corporal in the Maine State Police.
Cpl. Savage joined the State Police in 1972, and after graduating from the academy, he began patrolling the Rumford area of Troop B.

District Court Judge.
Judge John L. Batherson

The below department photo was taken after I left the department in 1978.

Purchased a tractor trailor, and for the next 4 years leased out to NorthAmerican Van Lines, hauling electronics nation wide. In 1982, I purchased the J.L. Wooters Moving & Storage Company of Rumford, became an agent for NorthAmerican Van Lines, and started hauling household items local and nation wide. Became an agent for Cole Express hauling their fright locally, and had a contract with Boise Cascade Paper Company to haul their paper within 200 miles of the Rumford mill. In 1994, put the company up for sale and retired. Now I spend most of my time doing genealogy.

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